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FieldSpec® GroomAll® All-In-One Synthetic Turf Maintenance System

$ 10,500.00


The GroomAll® is designed to be towed by any small tow vehicle ranging from a compact tractor to a Gator® or larger vehicle with a 21HP minimum; However the tow vehicle must have an on-board hydraulic system with a capacity of 5-7 gallons per minute of fluid.
  • Hydraulic Sweeper: Adjustable Brush Speed, Adjustable Height, Removable Hopper
  • Groomer: Adjustable Height, Groomer Wheel Depth Indicator
  • Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Hydraulic System Requirement (5-7 GPM)
  • Pneumatic Turf Tires
  • Unit Weight: 1250lbs